SAIL stands for Safe and Independent Living – and that’s exactly what it’s for. We support older people in Lewisham and Southwark; over 60s in Lewisham and over 50s in Southwark. So if you or someone you know needs some help staying safe and independent, we can assist you in finding local services that can lend a hand.

SAIL is a social prescribing project, which just means it’s designed to use the local community to help people, and to help ease the pressure on Health and Social Care.

Sometimes people visit their GP for non-health related issues, or for problems that can be solved without a doctor or medication. Sometimes you might contact the Council when you might not need to. And that’s where SAIL comes in. We can find you the right help, quickly.

It’s okay if you do get in touch with your GP or Social Care, because they’ll be using SAIL too. Any one can refer, from next of kin to professionals.