SAIL uses it’s own checklist to narrow down what support a person might need. It’s split into four general areas: Health and Wellbeing, staying Socially Connected, Housing and Care and Other Support.

You simply enter your own or another’s personal details, tick off what areas you need help in, and then send the form off.

Depending on what support you’ve asked for, a SAIL Coordinator may then get in touch for an informal chat. They’ll talk through some extra details and make sure you’re getting the right assistance.

Each area of support is provided by a different, local Partner. After the chat with the Coordinator the Partner will get in contact and take it from there.

You can refer through SAIL on this website, here.

You can also download a copy of our checklists;

Download the Lewisham SAIL Checklist (Word)

Download the Southwark SAIL Checklist (Word)